Lakeshore Drive Project  
  The rain over the last week or so had put a bit of a delay in the start of Hebert’s work on Lakeshore Drive, however they will be starting soon as pipe and materials are being delivered.

Just as a reminder, the Lakeshore Drive project work will be starting from the east end by the Dee and working west. The work is planned in three phases, each taking about one month:

· May/June – Dee Stadium to Isle Royale Street

· June/July – Isle Royale Street to about the west end of the parking deck by the Mining Gazette

· July/mid-August – Mining Gazette to the parking lot under the lift bridge

The first phase does not affect much on the way of business aside from the Dee and Park Service, but it will affect parking for many people. If you run into a parking issue, please do not hesitate to call Polly at Houghton PD (483-4649) to help you, your customers, or your tenants park ticket-free if your regular spot is in the construction zone.

Their schedule has them paving each phase as they go, so things should be pretty cleaned up as they go. As we get into the work over the next couple of weeks we’ll be getting more and more information out to you.

For anyone wondering about the early work done for the new gas lines and all the gravel out there:

· Pretty much all of the patches you see out there are temporary either because we’re repaving with the project and the final restoration is not done yet because the asphalt plants are not open yet. Not to mention other utility work (UPPCO, Charter, etc.) will be in the same area and it makes more sense to patch things once.

· If you see or hear about any bad spots in the road or on your property, please let us know. Semco’s contractor, Midwest, will be maintaining the temporary patches until the final patching can get done.